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Cane Singlepoint Offset Grip (Nova)

Lightweight and adjustable offset canes feature soft foam
handles and a convenient carrying strap. All designer canes have an adjustable height of 30" to 39", are 7/8" in diameter and have a 300lb. weight capacity.

Basic Offset Canes:
1060BK – Black
1060BR – Bronze
1060SI – Silver

Designer Offset Canes:
1070PP –Pink Pedal Power
1070PC –Purple Checkers
1070PG –Pink Garden
2094 – Butterlies, Black
1070MG – Mahogany Swirl
1070CH – Blue Porcelain
1070BP – Green Plaid
1070PL – Blue Waves
1070WN –Walnut Grain
1070RB – Red Bliss
1070PB – Purple Bliss
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Nova (Candy Cane) Singlepoint Cane
(Nova 1040 Series)

Our Curved Canes are easy to handle and comfortable to use. The curved handle has a comfortable soft grip and is also easy to hang on a coat rack or hook. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Cane Weight: 1 lb. Height Adjustment: 30? – 39?. Tip Size: 10018. Material: Aluminum

1040BK – Black
1040BR – Bronze
1040SI – Silver
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Cane (Quad) Small Base Black (Nova 5620BK)
Cane (Quad) Small Base Silver (Nova 5620SI)
Cane (Quad) Small Base Bronze (Nova 5620BR)

These canes are made out of aluminum and have a small base and an offset handle. They have a lightweight design and low center of gravity, which combine for greater stability and balance. The canes are 7/8? in diameter and can adjust from 29? to 38? in height. The cane weighs 2 lbs. and the tip size is 50012.
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Cane (Quad) Large Base Black (Nova 5610BK)
Cane (Quad) Large Base Silver (Nova 5610SI)
Cane (Quad) Large Base Bronze (Nova 5610BR)

These canes are made out of aluminum and have a large base and an offset handle. They have a lightweight design and low center of gravity, which combine for greater stability and balance. The canes are 7/8? in diameter and can adjust from 29? to 38? in height. The tip size for these canes is 50015.
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Standard Cane Tips (Nova 10018BK, 10018GR)

Our Cane Tips fits items 1040, 1060, 2066, 3010, 7760. The Cane Tips are 3/4" in diameter, 2" in height, and 1.5" in width.

Available Colors:
Black Item 10018BK UPC 652308101868
Grey Item 10018GR UPC 652308101875
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Carex Large Size Cane Tips
(Carex A719-11, A720-11)

The replacement tips are metal reinforced and designed to fit perfectly on Carex canes. Also made to fit large diameter wooden canes, ornate canes, and Lucite canes. Black in color
7/8” – A719-11, 1” – A720-11.
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Standard Cane Grip and Tip Set
(Nova TG100BK, TG100GR)

Our Offset Cane Tips fits most Offset canes.

Available Colors:
Black Item TG100-BK UPC 652308410069
Grey Item TG100-GR UPC 652308410076
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Quad Cane Replacement Tips
(Nova 50012, 50015)

Our Small and Large Base Quad Cane Tips keep you safe and sturdy.

Available Colors:
Black Item 50012BK UPC 652308501262
Grey Item 50012GR UPC 652308501279
Black Item 50015BK UPC 652308501569
Grey Item 50015GR UPC 652308501576
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Cane Holder (Nova CANEHOLDER)

The Cane Holder easily attaches to most canes. Hang canes on tables, chairs, countertops and more! Great in your kitchen, at restaurants and when traveling.
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Cane Strap (Nove CANESTRAP)

The Cane Strap fits all canes.
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Ice Grip Cane Attachment
(Essential Medical T20005)

T20005 - ICE ATTACHMENT.Easily attaches to most canes. Five (5) stainless steel prongs for extra stability. Hanger card for effective display. Packed one (1) per poly bag.
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Cane Clutch (Nova BGMO)

The Mobility Clutch (Medium) BGM01 attaches securely to all walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and bed rails. Item BGM01 UPC 652308117517
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Quad Tip Replacement (Nova 10040BK)

Allow your cane to stand upright on flat surfaces. Improves stability and traction on uneven terrain. Helps to reduce impact on user's hand and wrist. This is a replacement tip for a singlepoint cane.

Mini Quad Tip (Nova 10041BK)

Same as standard quad tip but, MINI!
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Mini Tip
Nova Folding Seat Cane (Nova 3091)

The folding seat canes are made out of lightweight aluminum and has a full curve foam handle. They have a comfortable seat and sturdy cane that is ideal for shoppers, strollers, or golfers. The seat size is 8"d x 10"w and the seat height can
adjust from 18" to 22". The handle height adjusts from 35" to 39". The cane weighs 2 lbs. and the tip size is 30011. Item 3091. UPC 652308309103.
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Nova Travel Seat Cane (Nova 3092)

With the Travel Seat Cane, you can give yourself a front row seat any time, any place, and anywhere. Golf tournament, Disney parade or sunset … anyone? It is easy to use, foldable and lightweight. Weight Capacity: 250lb.
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Nova Sugar Cane (Nova)

The SugarCane is the ultimate cane solution and fashion accessory. The offset shape provides excellent support for the wrist, the soft grip is comfortable for the hands and the strap is super convenient. The Quad Tip base stands the SugarCane upright on flat surfaces, provides great stability, traction and pivot on uneven and sloped terrain, and helps to reduce strain on the hand and wrist. And because style matters, the SugarCane is beautiful and stays beautiful with gorgeous fade and chip resistant patterns.

· Weight Capacity: 300 lb
· Cane Weight: 1.15 lb
· Height Adjustment: 28.5 ”- 39.5”
· Tip Size: Quad Tip 10040BK
· Material: Aluminum
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Nova Replacement Cane Plug (Nova P-1060P)

Replacement plug for Nova offset cane series. Allows for strap attachment.
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Nova Replacement Cane Silencer (Nova P-1060S)

Replacement silencer ring for 3/4" diameter canes. This silencer stops your cane from clicking or clanking with each step.
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Nova Replacement Cane Strap (Nova P-10701)

Replacement strap for Nova offset canes.
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