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It Stays Roll-On Body Adhesive (Bellhorn 11111)

It Stays! will help secure surgical stockings, anti-embolism
stockings, and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic taping,
socks, pantyhose, shoulder straps. Hypoallergenic. Washes
off with water. Roll on top makes it easy to apply. 2oz bottle.
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Stocking Donner (Jobst 110913)

Jobst Stocking Donner. Wire donner makes donning
compression stockings easier. Ideal for persons with arthritis and limited bending motion.
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Rubber Gloves Ridged (Sigvaris)

The practical and protective way to apply and remove your
compression stockings.
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Donning Gloves (Jobst 131202, 131203)

Gloves to assist in donning medical legwear. Rubberized hand and finger grips make it easy to hold your stockings as you don them. Available in Small and Medium sizes.
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Jolastic Washing Solution (Jobst)

An outstanding solution developed especially or laundering
Jobst-Custom vascular supports. The ingredients in Jolastic ensure excellent soil removal and are mild to the userís hands. Contains no phosphates. Contents 100% Biodegradable. Use an amount equal to 1 capful of Jolastic to every two quarts of hot water (no hotter than your hands can tolerate). Soak garment ten minutes. Squeeze gently in suds. Rinse thoroughly in clear, hot water. Roll in Turkish towel. Dry away from sunlight or direct heat.
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Doff N Donner, Donning Cone (Sigvaris)

The revolutionary donning device for all compression socks and stockings. The SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner is a soft device that allows you to quickly guide a compression sock or stocking up and down your leg or arm, making it simple to don and remove all styles of graduated compression. The SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner is perfect for both self-donning and caregiver use.

SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner Cone

This device acts as a loading device and makes it easy to roll stockings onto the SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner. The base has suction built into the bottom and will firmly attach to most clean, soft surfaces. (Sold separately)
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Doff N Donner: $59.99
Donning Cone: $40.00