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Nebulizer Compressor Standard PulmoAid
(Devilbiss 3655LT)

When it comes to low cost, high performance compressor nebulizer systems, the remarkable PulmoNeb LT Compressor Nebulizer System fits the bill. This advanced yet affordable unit was developed to compete with other low-cost systems. However, it not only competes, it exceeds expectations by delivering superior performance that makes the PulmoNeb LT one of the best, low cost, compressor nebulizer systems on the market.

Maximum compressor pressure — 35 psig
Compressor free air flow — 12.7 lpm
ETL listed as compliant to UL 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment Standard
One-piece MicroPore® Filter is readily accessible and has six-month life
Small footprint and lightweight design make it easy to store and take along
Darker body color maintains its appearance after a prolonged period of use
Ball bearing connecting rod design equips the unit for years of dependable performance
Internal wire guides eliminate interference with moving parts for increasing reliability
Top-of unit connector facilitates easy attachment/removal of tubing
Tested to at least 1,000 hours of life
Five-year limited warranty
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Disposable Aerosol Mask Adult
(Salter Labs 8100)

Aerosol Mask. This mask is molded from a clear, very
soft and comfortable material. It is anatomically shaped
to fit under the chin and has gently rolled edges for
long term comfort. The over-the-ear attachment style
provides a secure fit, and is especially beneficial for
patients when movement is difficult or impossible.
Available in Adult size only.
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Peak Flow Meter Full Range Asthma Management
(Respironics 710012)

Personal Best® Full Range Peak Flow Meter. Wherever Personal Best goes—in the hospital, office, or home—it sets a new standard for convenience, compliance, and confidence. And Personal Best goes anywhere easily. With a lightweight, self-contained, portable design that puts peak flow monitoring at your fingertips all day long. Plus, a rugged, sterilizible construction that helpsit stand up to the roughest use day after day. Personal Best encourages compliance with its comfortable oval mouthpiece and easy-to-usebuilt-in handle. And it improves patient communication with its high-legibility scale and NAEPP-endorsed three-zone management system. Available in both full range (60 – 810 l/min) and low range (50 – 390 l/min).
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 Assess Peak Flow Meter Low Range
(Respironics 750012)

ASSESS® Peak Flow Meter. Measure airway obstruction easily, accurately, and cost-effectively. Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) provides an objective clinically relevant measurement of airflow-at a fraction of the cost , bulk, and inconvenience of conventional spirometry. And when seconds count, you can count on ASSESS to deliver those measurements with superior accuracy and reproducibility. Everything about ASSESS from its easy-to-use design, to its easy-to-read scale, to itstransparent construction that encourages regular cleaning, to its virtually indestructible polycarbonate body-is designed to make it work better and last longer. Available in both full range (60 - 880 l/min) and low range (30 - 390 l/min)
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Incentive Spirometer
(Cardinal Healthcare 001902A)

AirLife® Volumetric Incentive Spirometers. Our AirLife™ volumetric incentive spirometers simplify deep breathing therapy with an intuitive design that prompts patients to correctly perform and monitor their own breathing exercises, even without direct supervision. A patient goal indicator can be adjusted and allows patients to monitor their own progress. Dual-sided calibrations clearly identify achieved volumes of up to 4000mL capacity. The flexible
tubing lets the patient adjust the mouthpiece for use in
various positions, and a mouthpiece holder provides
storage when not in use.
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Flutter Valve/Acapella Device
(Smiths Medical 21-1015)

The FLUTTER/Acapella provides positive expiratory pressure
(PEP) therapy for patients with mucus-producing
respiratory conditions including:
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPDs),
such as asthma
-Other conditions producing retained secretions
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Disposable Aerosol Mask Pediatric
(Devilbiss PAM10)

Pediatric Aerosol Mask - Latex Free
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Omron Disposable Nebulizer Kit
(Omron 9912)

Home Use Disposable Nebulizer Kit
-Single patient use
-Easy to assemble
-Can be used with face mask
-1 to 5 micron range for effective delivery
-For use with nebulizer compressors
-1 Disposable Nebulizer
-Tee Adapter
-1 7 Foot Air Tube
-1 Mouthpiece
-1 Reservoir House
-5 Air Filters