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Specimen Measure (Top Hat) 32oz. (DMI 5064)

Fits most commodes and toilets. Measures
specimens in ccs.
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$7.99 ea
Male Urinal (Carex P70700)

The male urinal is designed to help prevent spills and odor with an attached snap on lid. Features a sturdy grip for easy handling and it can be used in several positions. This urinal is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. 900mL capacity. Graduated for accurate measurement.
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$8.99 ea
Female Urinal (Nova 8106F-R)

Contoured design ensures a complete and secure seal
during Use. Perfect for bedside or use in vehicle. Grip
handle allows for use in multiple positions for bedridden
patients. Durable shatter resistant plastic design is easy to empty and clean. Provides visual measurement of contents in ounces and CCs (1Quart capacity)
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$8.99 ea
Bedpan (Nova 8107-R)

For patients who have difficulty getting out of bed. Durable molded plastic construction & conventional style. Odor resistant & easy to clean
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$12.99 ea
Fracture Pan (Nova 8108-R)

Tapered lower front for easier patient positioning. Durable molded plastic construction and conventional style. Odor resistant and easy to clean
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$12.99 ea
Sitz Bath (Nova 8101-R)

Convenient On/Off control clip. Fits most standard
toilets. Aids in relieving the discomfort of perineal
conditions such as hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps,
bladder or prostate infections. Includes 2000ML
solution bag
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$16.99 ea
Specimen Container 4oz. (Medline DYND30331)

-Sterile Specimen Containers
-Graduations on polypropylene container are in oz and cc
-Screw-on lid
-Packaged individually in peel-pouches
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$1.49 ea
Calculi Strainer/Stone Collector (Medline PMP4712)

Featuring fine mesh to filter stones and foreign matter.
Built-in ridge serves as a handle for simple application
and removal.
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$3.99 ea
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