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Foley Catheter Insertion Tray 10CC
(Bard 802010)
Foley Catheter Insertion Tray 30CC
(Bard 802030)

Utilized for safe, sterile, easy insertion of Foley
catheters. Contents: underpad, gloves, lubricant,
inflation syringe, swabs and graduated peel-top tray.
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$5.99 ea
Cunningham Catheter Clamp Regular (Bard 4053)
Cunningham Catheter Clamp Large (Bard 4054)

Used to control stress incontinence or dribbling
of urine. Constructed of soft sponge rubber and
can be adjusted to fit comfortably.
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$44.99 ea
Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant 4.25oz. (Fougera 0168020536)
Surgilube Surgical Lubricant 3gm (Fougera 0168020543)

Surgical lubricant used primarily for catheter
insertion. Compares to KY Jelly®.
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$0.25 per packet
$25.99 per gross
$5.99 per tube
Syringe w/Catheter Tip 60cc
(Bard 309620)

60cc syringe utilized for Foley catheter inflation.
Sometimes used for enteral feeding supplies.
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$2.99 ea
Extension Tubing (Bard 2A)

For use with leg bags and male external catheters.
18" tube; sterile fluid pathway.
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$2.99 ea
Leg Bag Strap Fabric (Bard 150507)

Replacement leg bag straps utilized for strapping
leg bags to the leg. Fabric is at times a more
comfortable alternative to the latex straps that
typically come with leg bags.
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$4.99 ea
Foley Catheter Holder (Dale 316)

In addition to saving valuable nursing time, the Dale
Hold-n-Place™ Foley Catheter Holders stabilize the
indwelling catheter, reducing the likelihood of
traumatic removal, without restricting patient’s
movement or irritating the skin. The Leg Band, made entirely of stretch material, has a soft, supple backing for added skin comfort. The elasticity and 2” width of the leg band distribute compression evenly around the thigh to minimize circumferential pressure. Fits up to 20”. Latex-free.Dale 316
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$7.99 ea
Flexi Trak Anchoring Device (Convatec CC4685)

A skin-friendly, modern acrylic adhesive that securely holds tubes, drains and catheters in place on the skin.
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$4.50 ea
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Stat Lock (Bard FOL0101 and FOL0102 )

Foley catheter stabilization device.
Foley: FOL0101
Foley 2-way: FOL0102
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Foley: $7.50 ea
Foley 2-Way: $9.99 ea