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Lumbar Support Cushion (Nova 2679BL-R)

Standard foam provides customized comfort for your lower back. Improves spine alignment and alleviates back tension. Polyester/cotton blend covers are removable and washable. Comes with adjustable strap for secure hold. Dimensions: 14"w x 4.5"d x 13"h
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Egg Crate Ring Cushion w/cover 16”
(Nova 2670-R)
16" Convoluted Roam Ring

Convoluted foam provides improved air circulation
Conforms to the body contours to provide comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time
Aids in the prevention of pressure sores
Black and fleece polyester/cotton blend covers are
removable and washable.
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$19.99 either size
Molded Foam Ring Cushion w/cover 16”
(Nova 2673-R)
Molded Foam Ring Cushion w/cover 18"
(Nova 2674-R)
16" Molded Foam Ring
18" Molded Foam Ring

Molded, high compression polyurethane foam. Conforms to the body contours to provide comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time. Aids in the prevention of pressure sores. Blue and plaid polyester/cotton blend covers are removable and washable
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$19.99 either size
Coccyx Cushion 18x16x3
(Nova 2654C-3)

3” Foam coccyx cushion for 18 x 16” wheelchair – with cover. Coccyx cutout reduces pressure on the tailbone and spine. Wheelchair cushion helps equalize pressure and reduce soreness. Cover is removable and machine washable.
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Convoluted Foam Wheelchair Seat/Back
Cushion (Nova 2652-3)

3” Foam cushion for 18” x 16” wheelchair. This cushion (2657-3) provides support and pressure relief. The convoluted foam improves weight distribution and air circulation. It has a 3" seat cushion with connected 2" thick back, which fits most chairs and wheelchairs. The weight capacity for this cushion is 250 lb.
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3” Foam Cushion with Cover
(Nova 23664-3)

Provides support and pressure relief. Slip free seat promotes proper positioning and improves posture. Convoluted foam improves weight distribution and air circulation. Highly resilient convoluted polyurethane foam provides comfort and durability.
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2" or 3" Gel Foam Cushion with Cover
(Nova 2601-3-1816 or 2601-2-1816)

Gel/Foam combination provides the user excellent
weight distribution and even pressure relief. Non-flammable; cover is washable. Great for wheelchairs, transport chairs, or home and office seating comfort.
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$38.99 (2")
$44.99 (3")
Elevating Legrests For Guardian Easy Care 2000
(Guardian INT94HE)

Guardian® Composite Elevating Legrests adjust through 90 degrees to accommodate user comfort. Fits all Guardian Easy Care wheelchairs.
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Deluxe Seat Lift Cushion (DMI 8884)

Firm foam cushion provides lift and comfort while a hardboard insert provides extra support to eliminate hammock effect when used in wheelchairs. Cover made of durable black leatherette with 5” strap handles. Can be used in wheelchairs, conventional chairs or anywhere additional height is needed.
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Deluxe Transfer Board (DMI 1760)

Helps transfer patients from wheelchair, bed, chair or commode. Convenient single hand-hold cut-out. Sealed and coated for protection and friction-free transfer. Constructed of solid 3/4” maple plywood. Dimensions: 8" x 30" Solid 3/4” maple plywood
Weight capacity 440 lbs.
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Kabooti Cushion (Contour Health)

It’s 3 cushions in 1! The Kabooti™ combines the best features of a donut ring, coccyx cushion and seat wedge into one complete seat solution. The oval center comforts sore and sensitive areas, while the coccyx cutout relieves tailbone pressure and the wedge design encourages proper sitting
posture. The cushion tapers from back to front, allowing it to fit beneath tables, desks and chairs, and its corner stability lobes improve seating balance.
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Wheelchair Fleece Arm Covers (Nova 2624R)

Thick fleece material provides premium user comfort. Protects against soreness and nerve pressure. Ideal for wheelchairs, transport chairs, and scooters. Easy to put on and take off. Machine washable. Item Number: 2624-R. UPC Number: 652308132671.
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Wheelchair Back Pack (Essential H1301)

Large. waterproof nylon bag. Zippered top has loop straps to fit over wheelchair handles. 13"Hx13"Wx6"D
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