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Avant Gauze 2*2” (Medline NON256001)
Avant Gauze 4*4” (Medline NON256000)

This sponge features an extra fenestration which
allows it to lay flat when wrapped around a drainage tube. Without it, the sponge will pucker , decreasing effectiveness by allowing fluids to pool around the drain tube. It’s a simple feature that most other drain sponges do not offer. Includes all the benefits of non-woven Avant Gauze. Each 6-ply rayon/polyester sponge is highly absorbent, low-linting and fast wicking
to wound beds.
Purchase Only
2x2" OR 4x4"
$10.99 per box
Gauze Sponges 2*2” (Medline NON25208)
*Non-sterile brick
Gauze Sponges 4*4” (Dynarex 3242)
*Non-sterile brick

These USP Type VII cotton sponges are ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care. Our strictly controlled manufacturing process assures clean, debris-free packing with folded edges to prevent unraveling. Sterile 2's are packed in a coated paper envelope to reduce fiber debris. 100% cotton gauze Superior quality with assured economy. For a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures
No exposed raw edges - cut edges folded in
Available in a wide range of standard sizes and plies. Cotton filled sponges provide maximum absorption. Non-Sterile
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2x2 $3.00
4x4 $5.99
Bulkee Large Rolled Gauze (Medline NON25865H)
Bulkee Medium Rolled Gauze (Medline NON25861H)
Bulkee Small Rolled Gauze (Medline NON25850H)

Ideal for both primary and secondary wound care dressings. When used as a primary dressing, the open weave design provides fast wicking, absorbency and aeration. Compared to their leading brands, Bulkee II® has a more tightly finished edge for reduced linting; and morecrimps per linear foot for increased cushioning and patient comfort. The 6-ply Bulkee II® bandage stretches and conforms to a variety of patient needs. It performs exceptionally well in burn care applications.
Purchase Only
2" $1.99
3" $2.99
4" $3.49
Extra Thick ABD Pads 5*9”
(Medline NON21450)
Extra Thick ABD Pads 8*10”
(Medline NON21454)
Extra Thick ABD Pads 8*7.5”
(Medline NON21453)

Medline's super absorbent abdominal pads feature a soft non-woven outer layer that quickly wicks fluid to a cellulose center. This thick layer of cellulose quickly absorbs and disperses fluids laterally to prevent pooling. Hydrophobic back impedes strike through and all edges
are sealed to prevent linting.
Purchase Only
5x9" $8.99 per box
8x8.75" $9.99 per box
8x10" $9.99 per box
Non-Woven Gauze 4*4” (Medline NON21444)

Avant Gauze® is Medline's standard non-woven dressing. Compared to traditional cotton gauze, Avant Gauze® produces less lint and is less traumatic to fragile granulating wound tissue
because it's virtually non-adherent. It also has significantly faster wicking ability which promotes a healthier healing environment. Discover the perfect balance between strength and absorbency in this rayon/polyester blend gauze.
Purchase Only
$8.99 per box
Non Adherent Dressing 2*3” (Medline NON25700)
Non Adherent Dressing 3*4” (Medline NON25710)
Non Adherent Dressing 3*8” (Medline NON25720)

This sterile, absorbent rayon/polyester pad will not interfere with granulating tissue by sticking to the wound. The soft perforated film allows air to circulate and the absorbent pad allows the fluid
to collect. It can easily be cut to fit any shape without separating.
Purchase Only
2x3" $11.99 per box
3x4" $16.99 per box
3x8" $16.99 per box
Co-Flex Self Adhering Roll 2”*5yds
(Medline NOS08800)

This self-adherent, hand tear wrap, which contains latex, acts as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape. Each beige
bandage is individually wrapped. Bandage measurements are for stretched length.
Purchase Only
$3.99 per roll
Bordered Gauze 4*4” (Medline MSC3244Z)
Bordered Gauze 6*6” (Medline MSC3266Z)
Bordered Gauze 4*10” (Medline MSC32410Z)

Medline Bordered Gauze is an absorbent island dressing constructed with a heavy-duty soaker and conformable, non-woven fabric adhesive backing. This product is the perfect dressing for surgical incisions, superficial lacerations,
abrasions, stage I-IV pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, infected and non-infected wounds. Sterile.
Purchase Only
4x4" $29.99 per box
6x6" $39.99 per box
4x10" $49.99 per box
Medipore Tape 2” (3M 2962)

2 inch x 10 yard (5cm x 9,14m)
Soft Cloth, hypoallergenic surgical tape.
Purchase Only
$9.99 per roll
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