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JOBST 30-40mmHg
Ladies Stockings 30-40mmHG UltraSheer
Fashion and efficacy rolled all into one. Jobst® UltraSheer is the sheerest compression stockingin its class. Lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health. Jobst UltraSheer are: Easy to wear. Seamless circular knitted for a soft, silky look and comfortable feel. Reciprocated heel and toe for better fit and durability. Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort. Maternity styles provide a little “extra” for the mother-to-be. Available in Knee High, Thigh High, Pantyhose
and Maternity styles.

Knee High Small Natural Closed Toe (Jobst 121465)
Knee High Small Classic Black Closed Toe
(Jobst 121473)
Knee High Medium Natural Closed Toe (Jobst 121466)
Knee High Medium Classic Black Closed Toe
(Jobst 121474)
Knee High Large Natural Closed Toe (Jobst 121467)
Knee High Large Classic Black Closed Toe
(Jobst 121475)
Knee High X-Large Natural Closed Toe (Jobst 121468)
Knee High X-Large Classic Black Closed Toe
(Jobst 121476)

Thigh High Small Natural Silicone Dot Band
(Jobst 122324)
Thigh High Small Classic Black Silicone Dot Band
(Jobst 122328)
Thigh High Medium Natural Silicone Dot Band
(Jobst 122325)
Thigh High Medium Classic Black Silicone Dot Band (Jobst 122329)
Thigh High Large Natural Silicone Dot Band
(Jobst 122326)
Thigh High Large Classic Black Silicone Dot Band
(Jobst 122330)
Thigh High X-Large Natural Silicone Dot Band (Jobst 122327)
Thigh High X-Large Classic Black Silicone Dot Band (Jobst 122331)

Pantyhose Small Natural (Jobst 121477)
Pantyhose Small Classic Black (Jobst 121483)
Pantyhose Medium Natural (Jobst 121478)
Pantyhose Medium Classic Black (Jobst 121484)
Pantyhose Large Natural (Jobst 121479)
Pantyhose Large Classic Black (Jobst 121485)
Pantyhose X-Large Natural (Jobst 121240)
Pantyhose X-Large Classic Black (Jobst 121241)
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Men’s Stockings 30-40mmHg
Comfortable, gradient compression hosiery designed for
men’s needs. Jobst® forMen combines efficacy and fashion with all the important details: Attractive ribbed design with 3-D knit structure. Easy to wear with a comfortable band that keeps socks up without binding. Flat toes seams and a roomy toe section. Reinforced heels for a longer lasting, durable product. Anti-bacterial additive reduces unpleasant sock odor*. Special Moisture-Transport System with soft micro and multifiber yarns in the sole keeps feet dryer*. Available in Knee High and Thigh High styles.

Knee High Small Black Closed Toe (Jobst 115108)
Knee High Small Khaki Closed Toe (Jobst 115120)
Knee High Medium Black Closed Toe (Jobst 115109)
Knee High Medium Khaki Close Toe (Jobst 115121)
Knee High Large Black Closed Toe (Jobst 115110)
Knee High Large Khaki Closed Toe (Jobst 115122)
Knee High X-Large Black Closed Toe (Jobst 115111)
Knee High X-Large Khaki Closed Toe (Jobst 115123)
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