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SIGVARIS 15-20mmHg
Sigvaris Sheer Fashion 15-20mmHg
(Sigvaris 120 Series)

Available in Knee High, Knee High Open Toe, Thigh High,
Pantyhose and Maternity Pantyhose. Available in Natural, Suntan, or Black. Jersey knit construction for incredible sheerness. Available in a wide range of fashionable colors. Double-covered spandex yarns for optimum comfort and durability.
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Knee High: $29.99
Thigh High: $47.99
Pantyhose: $59.99
Maternity: $59.99
Sigvaris Casual Cotton 15-20mmHg
(Sigvaris 146 and 186 Series)

Available in Womenís Knee High and Menís Knee High in
White, Black, Khaki, or Navy. 66% Supima Cotton is ideal for sensitive skin. Contemporary ribbed design. Reinforced heel for extra durability. Comfortable toe zone.
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Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton 15-20mmHg
(Sigvaris 142 and 182 Series)

Available in Womenís Knee High and Menís Knee High in
black or white. 68% Supima Cotton is naturally breathable,
soft and hypo-allergenic. Ideal for sensitive skin. Thick,
padded sole, heel and toe to protect feet and help absorb
impact from walking or running. Flat, low-friction toe seams. Soft, stretchable knit-in top band prevents pinching.
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Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton 15-20mmHg
(Sigvaris 151 and 191 Series)

Available in Womenís Knee High and Menís Knee High in
Black or Navy. Knitted from the world's rarest cotton.
Improves your circulation. Comfortable for daily wear
& exceptional for travel.
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Sigvaris Business Casual 15-20mmHg
(Sigvaris 189 Series)

Available in Menís Knee High. Available in Black, Navy, Charcoal, and White. Striped pattern for business
wear. Soft, microfiber inlay yarns. Wide, non-binding top
band. Easy donning and accurate fit. Stretchable toe fabric and heel design combine to create comfort and durability.
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Sigvaris Soft Opaque Open or Closed Toe 15-20mmHg
Knee High or Thigh High
(Sigvaris 840 Series)

Women's soft opaque microfiber compression stockings are easy to put on and are a comfortable alternative to nylon or cotton. Advanced moisture management keeps legs cool and dry. Comfortable wide top band prevents knee-highs from rolling down.
Fashionable opaque hosiery for professional and everyday wear. Lasting Microfiber softness.
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Thigh: $51.99
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