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Healwell AFO Night Wrap (FLA 58600)

The AFO Night Wrap helps relieve pain and discomfort and speed healing in new or mild conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis. Dual tension straps provide countervailing tension to hold the foot in position
and prevent plantar flexion. A small, rigid stay on the plantar surface works with the tension straps to act as a lever to maintain foot position. The slim, low profile is designed with less bulk so it is easy to sleep in. Non-slip pad on the plantar surface for safe, occasional walking. Fits right or left foot. Color: Black. Small fits Small/Medium; Large fits Large/
X-Large. Size according to US shoe size.
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FLA Orthopedics Cam Walker Boot
(FLA 75708 Low, 75709 High)

 The FLA ORTHOPEDICS Standard Walker offers secure but lightweight stabilization. The high-quality rigid outer skeleton ensures high protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Circumferential strapping, a shock absorbing sole and breathable materials provide great comfort for the patient. Walking with the FLA ORTHOPEDICS Standard Walker feels natural through the rocker bottom which simulates a physiological gait.
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C3 Post Op Shoe with Microban Men’s or Women’s
(FLA 43820 or 43821)

Designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or post-operative care. Especially useful for geriatric and diabetic patients with insensitive feet. C3 Tri-Laminate upper makes this product cool and comfortable to wear. Microban® treated sole plate for increased control of the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and fungi. Adjustable straps accommodate the bulkiest dressings. Removable trim-fit tongue provides a better fit. Semi-rigid molded non-skid sole absorbs shock during ambulation. Fits right or left. Sold as each. Color: Black. Size according to US
shoe size.
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