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Prolite Ankle Stirrup Brace with Air Liners (FLA 40908)

This Ankle Brace provides medial and lateral support to
stabilize the ankle joint for faster recovery and healing of
tender soft tissues. Ideal brace for mild or moderate
sprains, strains, or after cast removal. The liner is made
of a tri-layer pneumatic air bladder that conforms to the
ankle and pulsates while walking to provide a massaging effect. Standard height. Adjustable heel piece conforms to fit a range of sizes. Two adjustable swivel straps ensure proper step placement each time brace is applied. Color: White.
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Swede-O Inner Lok 8 Ankle Brace (FLA 40511)

Manufactured for FLA Orthopedics by Swede-O. Ideal for sports and to support weak or injured ankles. Made of lightweight, low profile nylon material for long-lasting wear. Extra ankle stabilization with internal figure-eight straps that are preconfigured to ensure correct placement every time. Application is quick and easy. Comfortably fits in athletic shoes. Elastic back. Fits left or right. Color: Black. Size according to US shoe size.
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Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Ankle Support (FLA 40701)

Neoprene anklet provides warmth and support. Open heel, easy slip on style. May be worn under or over sock. Colors: Navy or Black. Measure around ankle.
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EZ-On Wrap-Around Ankle Support (FLA 40550)

Sports neoprene foot and ankle portion for consistent
compression and therapeutic, soothing warmth to the
swollen, tender or injured joint. Tri-Permalon? top is
comfortable against the skin and allows air to circulate for extended wear. The double elastic strap offers adjustable compression to both the medial and lateral sides of the ankle and arch of the foot. The wide strap simulates taping and wraps in a figure-eight design with a simple hook closure. Indicated for swollen, tender or weak ankles, sprains, strains, sports injuries, and arthritis. Great for night-time wear to treat ankle injuries and control edema. Color: Black. Measure around calf, 5" above ankle joint.
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Elastic Pullover Ankle Support (FLA 40101)

The FLA Elastic Pullover Ankle Support offers comfortable, firm support for weak or injured ankles. Easy on and off application. This ankle brace is indicated for support of weak ankles or minor sprains yet light enough to be worn with shoes. Open heel, easy slip on style.
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All-Purpose Wonder Wrap (Mueller 4590)

More stretch than spandex wraps, more durable and reusable, too.
Lightweight and comfortable, it maintains elasticity for long-term use. Recommended to help reduce muscle strain and as a barrier while holding cold packs in place --all in one.

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