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Pro Lite Airflow 8" Wrist Brace (FLA 75891)

Breathable mesh material for increased comfort. Contoured metal palmar stay and dorsal stays prevent flexion and extension. Low profile. Easy, one-hand application. Specify right or left. This specially designed wrist brace provides strong support for acute wrist injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) and chronic wrist instabilities. Made with top quality, latex-free materials, this product is highly breathable and comfortable to wear.
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Pro Lite Low Profile Wrist Splint 6" (FLA 22-470)

Provides stabilization to weak or injured wrists in a low-profile 6" design that has less bulk. Constructed of open cell foam with interlock polyester cover for a cool, breathable alternative to neoprene. The low contour at the palmar crease permits full finger dexterity and improved grip strength. A breathable spandex insert ensures a proper fit and easy application every
time. Straps are adjustable for compressioncontrol. Specify right or left. Color: Black.
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Wrist Splint w/abducted thumb (FLA 22460 or 22461)

Recommended when immobilization of the wrist and/or thumb is needed. Semi-rigid thumb spica portion is contoured to provide intimate support, immobilization and thumb abduction. The unique design protects the thumb from impact or shock without any uncomfortable binding or stitch seams. The splint has a metal palmar and dorsal stay to prevent flexion and extension. Loop
lock closures allow for quick and easy one-handed application.Ideal for post-surgical treatment of wrist and thumb injuries,especially for the treatment of Basal Joint Arthritis, DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis, tendonitis, accumulative trauma disorders of the thumb and wrist, strains/sprains of the thumb joint (MCP), advanced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and after cast removal. Specify right or left. Color: Black. Measure around the
center of the wrist.
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Pull-on Elastic Wrist Support (FLA 22103)

Durable lightweight knitted elastic provides support with
flexibility. Seamless construction will not irritate skin. Easy slip on style. Color: Beige. Measure around center of wrist.
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Prolite Neoprene Pull-On Thumb Support
(FLA 25-130)

Comfortable neoprene thumb support provides warmth
and compression to aching or injured thumbs and wrists. Provides full thumb coverage to all joints of the thumb while the contoured design still allows full hand use. The soft nylon terry lining gives a seamless feel. Simple pull-on style for each application and removal. Fits right or left thumb. Colors: Black or Beige.
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Therall Arthritis Gloves (FLA 53-350)

These arthritis gloves provide light compression for
comfortable support. The unique material retains the
body’s natural heat to provide soothing, therapeutic
warmth and long-lasting pain relief to aching wrists,
fingers, and hands. Soft lining wicks moisture away to
keep hands dry. Ideal for arthritis, aching fingers, hand
or wrists, overuse or repetitive use injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
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3D Thumb Support (FLA 76239)

Adjustable 3D Thumb Brace. Precise immobilization and helps to relive pain. Unique design allows for full finger and wrist movement. Easily adjustable aluminum core for a perfect fit. Repels dirt and can be worn in water for daily use.
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