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Universal Arm Sling (FLA 28-402)

Soft, durable sling material comfortably supports the
weight of the arm following injury or surgical treatment
of the arm, hand or shoulder and can be worn with or
without a cast. Features a padded, adjustable shoulder
strap and thumb loop that limits wrist drop and prevents
migration. Universal design fits a range of sizes and right
or left arm. Black color hides dirt.
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Deluxe Clavicle Support (FLA 76233)

Pro-Lite Clavicle Support is indicated for the conservative
treatment of clavicle (collarbone) fractures, distortions
(sprains), minor instability of the shoulder and postoperative use. It is also recommended for fibromyalgia (painful muscle-tendon disease). Backpack construction pulls shoulders back to align a clavicle fracture or to provide postural support.
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Shoulder Brace Posture Support (FLA 16-420)

Brace is designed to gently keep the shoulders back for
proper posture control. High quality canvas back with a soft cotton lining. Four plastic stays on the back panel for extra support. Foam padded shoulder straps for greater comfort.
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Shoulder Immobilizer (Core Products 6231)

Helps immobilize the shoulder by gently securing the humerus and forearm to the torso.
Plush elastic body provides comfort.
Adjustable elastic arm straps are easy to apply and wear.
Fits either arm.
Universal Size fits Most.
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